Cinnamon Coconut French Toast Sticks

Fall is in full swing and these Cinnamon Coconut French Toast Sticks are the perfect fall family weekend brunch! They're perfectly crunch, sweet, and of course kid friendly!⁠


French Toast Sticks

·     ½ cup almond milk

·     1 tbsp ground flax meal

·     1 tsp cinnamon

·     1 tsp vanilla extract

·     6 slices bread, left out on the counter / semi-stale*

·     3 tbsp Kokada Classic

·     1 tsp coconut oil or vegan butter

Creamy Coconut Dip

·     ½ cup unsweetened vanilla yogurt (can also use non-dairy!)

·     1.5 tbsp Kokada classic


1.    Make the batter by whisking together the almond milk, flax, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

2.   Set aside for 10 minutes so the flax absorbs and the batter thickens.

3.   Optional: cut the crust off of your bread slices.

4.   Spread 1 tbsp Kokada onto a slice and place another slice on top, like you’re making a Kokada sandwich.

5.   Repeat two more times with the remaining four slices.

6.   Cut each ‘sandwich’ into sticks.

7.    Pour your batter in a shallow bowl or dish.

8.   Heat coconut oil in a pan on med/high heat.

9.   When the pan is hot, dunk the sticks individually into the batter, coat thoroughly, and place immediately in the pan***

10.Cook for about 2 mins on each side or until golden brown. You can use a spatula or tongs to flip onto side edges for 30 seconds.

11. Remove from heat.

12. Make the dipping sauce by combining yogurt and Kokada in a bowl.

13. Serve with fresh fruit!


*Fresh bread works too! The sticks will just be more moist and dense.

**Use Greek style dairy or non-dairy yogurt for a thicker dipping sauce.

***Coat thoroughly but don’t let the sticks sit in the batter for more than a few seconds of they will fall apart (especially when using fresh bread).

****Use Kokada Brownie for a decadent twist!!

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