Locally owned and founded food product becomes available on Amazon.com

May 31, 2021

Durham, N.C. - A first-of-its-kind product disrupting the nut butter and spread industry has become available on Amazon.com's e-commerce platform. KOKADA, a coconut-based spread that contains less than five ingredients, was created and founded in Durham in October of 2020. Since the product's launch and being sold on its website, it has become available in over fourteen retail stores across the Mid-Atlantic region, twelve of those in the Raleigh-Durham area. Local retailers who sell the product include storefronts such as Weaver Street Market and the Durham Co-op.

"Each time our product becomes available in a new store or location is exciting and heartwarming for us," says Breanna Atkinson, co-founder of KOKADA. "Its availability on Amazon exposes our product in a new way to consumers nationwide."

Amazon approached the Durham-founded company through their Emerging Brands Program, a program dedicated to promising brands.  Once approved for this program, KOKADA received specialized support and service to place their products on Amazon’s platform.  The online retailer approved KOKADA for Amazon Prime shipping and will fulfill orders on their behalf. Each flavor of KOKADA is available for purchase: Classic and Brownie.

"As small business owners of this growing company, who are also still working full-time, our time is valuable," says Jared Golestani, co-founder of KOKADA. "Having Amazon distributing our products for us is something we're grateful for, and know it will create more opportunities to continue building this company we're passionate about."

Two flavors of KOKADA are delivered via Amazon.com's Amazon Prime service.
KOKADA, a coconut-based spread product founded in Durham, has two flavors available for purchase on Amazon.com.
KOKADA, "the original coconut spread," was founded and created in Durham, N.C. Its two flavors, Classic and Brownie, hav become available nationwide on Amazon.com.


KOKADA, a coconut-based spread containing less than five ingredients, was created for consumers wanting clean, healthy and nut-free spreads. The product, available in multiple flavors and varieties, was co-founded by Breanna Atkinson and Jared Golestani in October 2020. The company is based in Durham, N.C., where its products are also made. KOKADA's coconut spreads are available in retail stores across the Mid-Atlantic region, on its website and Amazon.com. For more information, visit EatKokada.com.

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