KOKADA Forms Partnership with SERVE

May 1, 2021

Durham, N.C. – After a months long search for a high impact partner that is both owned and operated by a local community in Sri Lanka, the location from which many KOKADA ingredients are sourced, we are excited to announce our partnership with SERVE Sri Lanka as they give back to communities throughout Sri Lanka, improve education opportunity, and support women-owned business.

From KOKADA's launch, we has committed to a mission of giving back, building up communities, and creating more opportunities and smiles for all and has done this through committing 2% of all sales to this cause.

SERVE's vision is to provide a better life for those in need through holistic approach, whilst respecting their values and subcultures. Many families cannot escape the vicious cycle of poverty without support due to the lack of opportunity. SERVE’s work is based on social work theories, values and principles to ensure the rights of children and empower families within their communities.

Each and every purchase helps KOKADA give back so thank you, KOKADA Fam, for supporting us in giving back!

For more information on SERVE, SERVE's mission, and if you are interested in contributing to their community programs, check out their website here!


KOKADA, a coconut-based spread containing less than five ingredients, was created for consumers wanting clean, healthy and nut-free spreads. The product, available in multiple flavors and varieties, was co-founded by Breanna Atkinson and Jared Golestani in October 2020. The company is based in Durham, N.C., where its products are also made. KOKADA's coconut spreads are available in retail stores across the Mid-Atlantic region, on its website and Amazon.com. For more information, visit EatKokada.com.

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