Our Story

We Are...

Passionate whole foods eaters.

We are committed to sharing high quality, health conscious, delicious coconut products with our customers that are peanut free, vegan, gluten free, and made only using natural ingredients that you actually understand when you read our label! We take pride in ensuring that the ingredients in your jar are the best of the best, sourced directly from our farmers to ensure fair pay, and treated with care from beginning to end.

Kokada is passionate about innovating your snack times and recipes. We are a woman owned, minority owned company that believes that the whole, natural foods are the best foods and are also the best foods to help us build up our communities, relationships, and bodies!

We Believe...

Food should be good for you and good for our community.

All business should be conducted in an economically sustainable way that builds up our communities both in the places in which we source and in the communities in which Kokada is consumed.

We live this each and every day by committing 2% of our proceeds to community projects both in the area where we source, Sri Lanka, and in our local community in North Carolina. These projects have been vetted as locally owned projects that build long term growth, and we are in constant communication without community leaders to ensure that we are being the best possible partner that we can be.




We partner with SERVE

SERVE is a certified NGO based in Sri Lanka, the community from which we source our ingredients. SERVE is on a mission to provide a better life for those in need through a holistic approach. We partner with SERVE in their mission to help cultivate women owned business, adult education, and in-school and after school support for children.

To learn more about SERVE, check them out here!

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Our Standards


All ingredients are natural and easily understood by anyone who is reading our label.


Our products are high quality, “better for you” treats that you’ll love time and time again.


We commit to ensuring that our farmers are fairly paid by sourcing directly from the farmer.

Meet Breanna

Kokada Founder & CEO

Breanna was passionate about food, sport, and health from a young age, leading her to pursuing Division 1 volleyball at Duke University. After meeting the love of her life, Jared (also a varsity athlete at Duke), Breanna graduated and pursued careers both in consulting and as a member of the Jamaican Women’s National Volleyball Team.

Breanna fell in deeper love with her Jamaican roots and with other cultures that she experienced through sport. While traveling for work, she was constantly looking for local markets, and eventually discovered a coconut product that she fell in love with.

Unfortunately, she could not find anything like it back in the United States and decided to make her own version. She brought together coconut treacle, a traditional Sri Lankan ingredient discovered during her travels, and dried coconut, and after almost eight months of trial and error, Breanna realized that she had created her new favorite product.

What started as a fun culinary experiment turned out to be something that she fell in love with, soon realizing that her lifelong passion for food ultimately led her here, where she is able to share her love for authentic foods and real ingredients with the world.

Meet Jared

Kokada Founder & COO

Throughout his entire life Jared has always had a love for sports, fitness, nutrition, and diet. He was fortunate enough to play Division I collegiate soccer at Duke University where he met his love, Breanna. Following school, Jared went on to work in consulting but continued to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle (playing sports, running marathons, and eating well!).

While consulting has offered Jared an incredible opportunity to grow as a working professional, he had a goal of at some point merging his personal passions with work. Given his love for nutrition and healthy foods, Jared was very intrigued by the coconut product that Breanna brought back from her business trip and encouraged her to experiment in an effort to create a version of her own since there was nothing like it in the US.

As the prime benefactor and lead taste tester for Breanna’s culinary experimentation over the course of 8 months, Jared satisfied his sweet tooth and began experimenting with different ways to use Kokada in meals throughout the day. Together Jared and Breanna began to discover the endless possibilities and uses for Kokada and realized they wanted to share it with the local community / the world!

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