Frequently Asked Questions


Is Kokada vegan, soy free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, peanut and tree nut free?

Yes yes and yes! Kokada is all of the above. The only known allergen in Kokada is coconut.

Is Kokada organic?

At this time, Kokada products are not certified organic. (We are in the process of getting our organic certification as we speak!) That said, 100% of Kokada ingredients are certified organic.

Where can I find nutritional information for your products?

The nutrition information for each of our coconut spreads are located on the individual product and the product pages.  Click here to go to the Products page for more nutrition information.

What is the shelf life on Kokada Products?

Kokada is good for up to 6 months prior to opening. Because we only use fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives, once opened, we recommend enjoying within 1 month!

Nutrition Facts

Do you ship to Canada or anywhere else outside the United States?

At this time, we can only ship to any location within the United States. BUT, if you would like to see us at your local grocery store, contact us, and share which store, and we'll see what we can do!

What is your shipping policy?

We offer free shipping on orders over $40! For all other orders, we offer $4 flat rate shipping.

Some not so fun facts, shipping is expensive :( We cover the majority of shipping costs on all orders because we know you want your Kokada and you want it now!

What is coconut treacle?

One of our main ingredients, coconut treacle, is native to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and created using traditional Sri Lankan recipes. Coconut sap is turned into treacle by using a natural refinement process to bring out that rich, thick consistency we all now know and love.

You may be wondering why we use coconut treacle versus other sweeteners. Well, besides the delicious flavor and natural manufacturing process, coconut treacle is generally considered a healthier substitute for sweeteners. With a lower glycemic index (GI), it does not spike your blood sugar levels and cause the dreaded sugar crash.

Do I need to refrigerate the jar after opening?

Nope! Kokada is safe to store without refrigeration. Just make sure to keep the lid tight and store in a dry environment to maintain taste quality.

Shipping & Handling

Why does Kokada use plastic instead of glass jars?

Unfortunately, glass jars are more likely to break in production or shipping. Our plastic jars are 100% BPA-free and recyclable!

What do you recommend eating Kokada with?

Well this is a tough question! A few of the many ways we enjoy Kokada is straight from the jar, on our toast or waffles in the morning, added to our pb&j sandwiches or crepes, as a sweetener replacement in our baked goods, mixed into our pina colada mix, the options are endless! We are constantly posting recipes on our Recipes here and on social media, and we would love to see you there!

Do you have a great way to eat Kokada? Share with us! Post on Instagram and let us know #HowDoYouKokada

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We are looking to build relationships with retailers that share our values. Click here to fill out our interest page.


Do you source your ingredients sustainably?

Yes. We are passionate about environmental and sustainable sourcing for all ingredients. We ensure that traceability in our entire ingredient supply chain and work with exclusively certified sustainable suppliers.

Why is there a white coating in my Kokada jar?

Like natural nut butters, there may be some ingredient separation as the temperature fluctuates during the delivery process. Coconut oil is extremely sensitive to temperature. Throughout the summer, some jars may have a coconut oil layer on top. In the midst of winter, jars may have a white solid coconut oil top. Have no fear! The separation is just the natural ingredients doing their job! Just give it a quick stir to recombine ingredients.

I have a question that is not listed?

If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Click here to be brought to our contact information.

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