How Many Ways Can You Enjoy Kokada?

Spread on Toast

Paired With Your Favorite Fruit

Added to Your Smoothies

Mixed Into Your Oatmeal


Kokada is the original coconut spread made from the perfect ingredients that are found in nature. Vegan, nut free, and free of refined sugars, Kokada is about to be your new best snacking friend!

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Ways to Use Kokada

On top of toast, pancakes, or waffles

Mixed into oatmeal

Added to your favorite smoothies

As a natural sweetener in your baking

Added to your morning coffee

Want to see more creative ways of how to use Kokada? For additional ideas, check out our recipes!

Get to Know Our Products:

Kokada Classic


Meet your sweet and healthy best friend, Kokada Classic! As the name might have told you, Classic is our OG, ride or die, staple spread.

Kokada Brownie


Secret's out... We crave chocolate as much as you do! Kokada Brownie is our decadent brownie batter with a healthy twist.

What Amazon Customers Are Saying:


I loved my coconut spread! It had an extremely rich flavor yet was very easy to spread and was just the right consistency. I love mine on a rice cake as a healthy treat. Couldn’t recommend more!

Amazon Customer

This coconut spread is sooo so delicious. Such simple, clean ingredients!! You can use it in so many different ways and it has such a yummy flavor. The texture is also perfect - easy to spread on toast, or blend in smoothies. My family has been obsessed! Highly recommend :)


This was so delicious! Great texture and great with banana chips.

Amazon Customer

Hands down amazing!!! I tried this at a local festival and fell in love with it!! It’s a great substitute for people who love to put some type of chocolate spread on stuff but are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts!

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